What Clients Say

This is just a short note to let you know of my total satisfaction with the Trader ii stock-tracking program that you have developed. My involvement with the stock market has been primarily day-trading on the US stock exchanges.

In the past I have endeavoured to track the trading using a spread sheet and even another proprietary tracking program that was very expensive. Neither was as efficient and easy as Trader ii. As there is foreign exchange involved and the necessity to report in Canadian funds to Canada Revenue Agency, Trader ii does a great job of converting CDN in real time when the transactions occur and makes the year-end reporting a “breeze”.

For the minimal cost of the program, Trader ii is a “well-worth-it” part of my cost of trading.

Thank you again,

D. A (Doug) McCracken, owner, Doma Tax Services, Chilliwack, BC


I found Trader ii to be user friendly but comprehensive.  Using Trader ii I was always sure that all revenue and expenses were accounted for.  The product ensured that the complications typical of accounting for marketable investments were automatically tracked, such as the weighted average costs.  Reporting is straightforward, comprehensive and convenient.  Product support was always available, knowledgeable and helpful.  I enjoyed using the software, and look forward to working with it in the future.

Ben Capps, Smythe Ratcliffe Chartered Accountants, Vancouver, BC


Since 1995, I have relied heavily on the Trader ii Securities Accounting Software program provided by Claire Copp and her company Securities Services. As a director and an insider of several resource mining companies in Canada, the prompt filing of my insider transactions on SEDI has been extremely important to me as a career professional and Securities Services has certainly excelled in that area. The most important benefit for using this valuable service is the continuous, accurate tracking of my trading activities culminated with a year-end report needed for filing with Revenue Canada. There’s no other service that is comparable.

Nelson W. Baker, P.Eng.  Vancouver, BC


Securities Services has been handling my stock trading accounting and insider reporting for over 20 years. Over this period various other directors of companies that I have been associated with have moved to Securities Services as well, including the complete board of Sego Resources Inc. The work quality and reliability of Securities Services has been such that we would never consider leaving and we rely completely on this service provided. I am happy to have this letter posted and invite anyone considering this service to contact me for more information.

J. Paul Stevenson  Vancouver, BC


This recommendation letter is to confirm that I have known Claire Copp personally and professionally for the last 16 years. She has been attending to reporting my securities positions to the regulatory authorities as well as providing information regarding Revenue Canada filings on a regular basis. As such, I can recommend her to providing these services to anybody who has a need.

I highly recommend Claire Copp and her business, Securities Services Inc. She is extremely qualified in her field as she has many years of experience.

Eugene Beukman  Vancouver, BC


I have known Claire for more than twenty years. During this time, I maintained a chartered accountancy practice and have had many clients for which Claire has provided excellent service in the recording and detailed tracking of their stock transactions. She has provided timely and highly accurate work which has benefited my clients.”

Abdul R. Allibhai, C.A.


I’ve read thru the manual twice and did all the steps for setup, data entry and reports. I got a feel for the software and am very impressed with the ease of use and the reports that can be produced. I really liked the use of the “Safe” account which is a great idea to keep track of all the shares outside of the brokerage accounts. Of course, I am thinking of [client name] and all the reports and information that would have been at my fingertips, so to speak, had I had the use of such a software.

An accountant who was using spreadsheets to reconcile a client’s profit/loss and cost base only.


It is very user friendly.

An individual with no knowledge of the industry or terminology.


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