According to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), if you own foreign investment property costing more than $100,000 you likely need to file a Form T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement (click here to download the CRA form).

CRA identifies who MUST report as:

  • Canadian resident individuals, corporations, and trusts that, at any time during the year, own foreign investment property (called specified foreign property) costing more than $100,000; and
  • partnerships that hold more than $100,000 in foreign investment property and whose non-resident members’ share of income or loss is less than 90% during the reporting period.

CRA goes on to clarify what property has to be reported, as follows:

Foreign investment property that must be reported includes:

  • amounts in foreign bank accounts;
  • shares in foreign companies;
  • interests in non-resident trusts;
  • bonds or debentures issued by foreign governments or foreign companies;
  • interests or units in offshore mutual funds;
  • real estate situated outside Canada; and
  • other income-earning foreign property.

However, foreign investment property does not include:

  • personal-use property, that is, any property used mainly for personal use and enjoyment, such as a vehicle, vacation property, jewellery, artwork, or any other such property; and
  • assets used only in an active business, such as a business inventory or the equipment and building used in a business.

The Foreign Income Verification Statement is due on the same date as the income tax return is due. 

Visit the CRA’s “Questions and Answers About T1135” to find out more.


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