Outsourcing Your Securities Accounting Needs (Third Party Contracts)

Over our 25+ years of experience helping clients track and manage their securities holdings, we’ve learned a lot!

That knowledge helped us take the initial DOS-based program that underpins the work we do for our clients, and in 2008 we developed the online version of Trader ii securities accounting software . Trader ii software is the result of years of hands-on experience in the securities accounting field and that hands-on experience helped to build a software that is not only convenient but also customizable and comprehensive!

What other securities accounting software provides clients with the the ability to …

  • Calculate moving cost averages?
  • Convert (any) foreign currency amounts to taxable currency for tax purposes?
  • Provide comprehensive profit/loss, inventory and other reports?
  • Plan ahead for tax purposes?

Trader ii securities accounting software is in a class of its own! With its built-in algorithms it provides you not only with the ability to calculate moving average costs and convert foreign currency amounts. It also provides you with customized securities accounting reports and allows you to provide your clients (your option) to view only online reports produced from their account.

Trader ii – A Dream Product!

For accountants looking for a service or a software that will save them time (and time is money) while providing their clients with easy access to online, customized and comprehensive securities accounting reports, Trader ii software is a dream product.

  •  It provides you with easy access to client account information and reports online with the click of a mouse (no more cumbersome and often incomplete spreadsheets). 
  • It helps you and your clients effectively plan for taxes each year, before year-end. This can be done in-person or by telephone while you’re both viewing the online reports.
  • In the event of an audit, you have quick and easy access to information for the current year and previous years.

The online reports both you and your client have view access to, anytime and anywhere, include:

  • Detailed Profit/Loss Summary
  • Inventory Summary (with moving average costs)
  • Interest Summary (income/expense)
  • Itemized Dividends
  • Report by Broker – showing opening dollar balance and all transactions to date with running balances
  • Report by Share – showing opening balance with moving average costs, plus trading activity with running average costs
  • Location of Shares – showing all security positions in each brokerage account; – or showing current positions of a particular security
  • Currency Converter – Convert foreign currency amounts to taxable currency for tax purposes

You Do The Work or We’ll Do It For You!

Whether we do the work of entering your clients trading information for you, using Trader ii, through Securities Services, or you use Trader ii software to do the work in-house, you’ll find the software is a tax planning dream tool for you and your clients! As well, it is a valuable trading tool that will provide your clients with answers to specific trading activity quickly and online.

For a free demo of the software contact Claire Copp at 604 309 2579 or by clicking the link below. To find out more about our full-service option, where we do the entry work for you, contact Charlotte Brown at 778 908 2427.