Trader ii Revolutionizes Securities Accounting Software

No more spreadsheets! No tax time panic!

Abbotsford, BC, December 11, 2012, – Claire Copp, President of Trader ii Securities Accounting Software ( today announced the upcoming release of the Trader ii software poised to revolutionize securities accounting for individual investors, accountants and other tax preparers. “Trader ii balances your brokerage accounts to the penny and to the share. At a glance, you can review your complete inventory and cost per share for in-market and out-of-market activity,” states President, Claire Copp. “With the non-stop changes in the investment industry – new financial instruments, name changes/rollbacks/splits, merging brokerage firms or brokers changing houses – Trader ii can handle these changes quickly and efficiently” Users love Trader ii! “Trader ii is comprehensive and user-friendly. All revenue and expenses are easily accounted for with Trader ii. Typical complications for marketable investments such as the weighted average costs are automatically tracked,” comments Ben Capps, Smythe Ratcliffe Chartered Accountants, Vancouver, B.C. “Reporting is straightforward, comprehensive and convenient. Product support is always available, knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoy using the software.” Here’s what Trader ii can do:

  1. Create and maintain a customized database of securities – no matter how many brokerage accounts or type of security
  2. Track market and out-of-market activity
  3. Prepare comprehensive profit/loss, inventory and other reports needed for tax purposes
  4. Know current share positions, costs and where they are – at your fingertips
  5. Convert foreign currency amounts to any taxable currency
  6. Compare and balance Insider Reports to known holdings and beneficial ownership
  7. Retrieve historical or current trading activity in seconds
  8. Plan ahead for tax purposes
  9. Balance multiple brokerage accounts to the penny and to the share

To find out more or to set up a free private online demo, contact Claire at 604-309-2579 or or click here.