Securities Accounting Software

Track your trading activity easily with Trader ii Online Securities Accounting Software!

Securities Accounting Software Entry Screen

  • Calculates moving average costs automatically
  • Creates and maintains a customized database of securities – no matter how many brokerage accounts or type of security
  • Tracks market and out-of-market activity
  • Prepares comprehensive profit/loss, inventory and other reports needed for tax purposes
  • Knows current share positions, costs and where they are – at your fingertips
  • Converts foreign currency amounts to any taxable currency – with the click of your mouse
  • Compares and balances Insider Reports to known holdings and beneficial ownership
  • Retrieves historical or current trading activity in seconds
  • Plans ahead for tax purposes
  • Balances multiple brokerage accounts to the penny and to the share

How Does Trader ii Securities Accounting Software Work?

Each type of account or portfolio (cash accounts, retirement accounts, tax-free saving accounts or foreign currency accounts) needs to be set up separately. This is done to accommodate different tax treatments in each type of portfolio, so make sure your accounts are separated when you start.

It’s that easy!



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