Who Benefits

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Large and small firms have traditionally developed in-house spreadsheets to accommodate their clients needs for tax purposes.  Compiling this information is time consuming, cumbersome and often incomplete. Trader ii software allows you to customize each client’s database for use in tax planning and insider reporting. Trader ii saves time and money AND provides comprehensive reports for filing tax returns. With Trader ii there are NO MORE SPREADSHEETS . . .

  • No matter how many brokerage accounts or different securities a client has.
  • Retrieval of trading information is quick and easy.
  • Helps you identify what information is missing and what questions to ask to get the right answers.
  • Provides easy access to specific trading information, using whatever parameters you need.
  • Makes access to historical data fast and easy.
  • Converts any foreign currency amount to any taxable currency with the click of a mouse.
  • Makes downloading tax information into a CSV file simple.

Individual Investors

Trader ii lets you know where you stand regarding your securities, your moving average costs and where your securities are held.  Some individuals may want to enter their trades on a daily basis, others may want to update on a monthly or quarterly basis.   Whatever your needs, keeping track of your investments is fast and easy. NO MORE HUNTING FOR INFORMATION AT YEAR-END 

  • Save money by entering your own data.
  • Have easy access to details no matter how many brokerage accounts, securities or portfolio types you have.
  • Know what your profit/loss is on each security.
  • Know your costs on inventory, and where that stock is held with a click of a mouse
  • Follow trading activity in a particular stock or brokerage account using our customizable filter.
  • Make informed decisions for future trading and tax planning.


Insiders can know their exact holdings and where they are located with Trader ii. The software gives you the ability to balance Insider Reports to known holdings and beneficial ownership. Trader ii also . . .

  • Allows you to keep track of out-of-market activity such as options, escrow, warrants, private placements, private purchases/sales – their purchase prices, release dates and exercise prices.
  • Provides the knowledge needed to file your own insider reports.