If you are an investor who happens to also be a busy professional or businessperson, spending the time to track your own securities transactions is often quite cumbersome and not the best use of your time.  Even with easy to use securities accounting software like Trader ii, it often makes more sense to have someone else do the work for you.

Time is money and other priorities may mean your securities transactions are left to the last minute, creating more stress and work for you, while potentially making it more likely for errors.

With full-service securities accounting services   we obtain the necessary information from you and your brokers (paper or electronically), and we take care of the rest!  We use Trader ii software to compile all the pertinent data from all brokerage accounts, and we can also do your insider filings!

Track your investments and view all your reports online anytime, anywhere!

With the click of your mouse you can see where you stand. These are some of the reports our clients have at their fingertips:

  • Profit and Loss Summary
  • Moving average costs per share
  • Brokerage account summary
  • Current positions of a particular security
  • Currency conversion
  • … and much more

For clients who want to do the work themselves, Trader ii software is the way to go. But, for clients who want to do the work but who don’t have the time to get the work done, or for clients who want someone else to do their securities accounting work for them, having Securities Services do the work for you will save you time, stress and headaches at tax time!

This information is provided as an information service only and is not intended to substitute for competent professional advice. No action should be initiated without consulting a professional advisor.