Types of reports Trader ii Securities Accounting Software produces.Trader ii Securities Accounting Software provides online reports needed for tax purposes and several different reports that provide valuable portfolio information for investment purposes.  (Do you know what your moving average costs are?)

One of these reports is the Inventory Report.

The Inventory Report provides you with a summary of your entire stock portfolio for the period using your moving average* cost per share. Trader ii tracks your moving average* costs automatically.

The Inventory Report also contains the following information:View-Reports-Trader-ii

  • Opening security balances
  • Number of securities purchased
  • Number of securities sold
  • Present inventory of each security
  • Moving Average* per security
  • Inventory Value of each security based on moving average cost*

 * The Moving Average is the average cost of shares purchased in present inventory. 

Trader ii securities accounting software provides several other reports, some of which will be briefly covered in the coming weeks. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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