View-Reports-Trader-iiTrader ii Securities Accounting Software provides online reports needed for tax purposes and several different reports that provide valuable portfolio information for investment purposes.  One of these reports is the Profit/Loss Report.

The Profit/Loss Report

The Profit/Loss Report gives you the following information about your securities:

  • Opening dollar value balances based on your moving average
  • Number of securities sold
  • Gross proceeds of the security sold
  • Adjusted Cost Base* of each security
  • Commissions paid on sales
  • Profit/Loss per security as well as your “bottom line”

Trader ii Securities Accounting Sofware will be reviewing some of our other reports in the coming weeks, check back with us for more information and to see what our next helpful tips will be!  If you don’t want to wait, we are always here, please contact us!


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