Some of the questions we’re frequently asked by new clients to Trader ii software include:

  • “What reports can Trader ii produce?”
  • “Will it allow me to easily retrieve specific trading history?”
  • “How does it handle foreign currency transactions?”
  • “Am I able to see where my securities are located and the dollar balances in my brokerage accounts?”
  • “Can I pull up information that shows the details of each of my brokerage accounts individually or together?”

The fact is, Trader ii has a customizable filter system that allows you to retrieve specific trading activity using whatever parameters you need, whenever you need the information.

With Trader ii software, you can prepare in-depth profit/loss reports, inventory reports,  and other reports needed for tax purposes. The software is not only comprehensive and customizable, it is also convenient!

Types of reports Trader ii Securities Accounting Software produces.The following lists the reports available using Trader ii software:

  • Profit/(Loss)
  • Inventory
  • Interest
  • Dividends
  • Share List
  • Brokerage account list
  • Dollar balances in each brokerage account
  • Location of Shares (i.e. securities held in each account)
  • Transaction History
  • Trader ii has a customizable filter system which allows you to retrieve specific trading activity using whatever parameters you need.
  • Convert profit/loss from any foreign currency amount to your taxable currency.

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