In September we wrote an article titled “Too Early For Xmas, But What About Tax Season?” It’s now the end of October, and it’s not too late to know where you stand before year-end! There’s still time to provide you with that much needed information that will allow you to make educated tax planning decisions before the end of the year!

This is where an experienced securities accounting service can make all the difference for you, and now’s the time to act! We have seen first hand the difference it makes (as do our clients) having an experienced Securities Accountant.

All of our clients, whether managing their own securities accounting or having us do it for them, use our Trader ii Software to keep accurate track of their investment activity. For new clients, there’s still time!

Getting your securities accounting organized before the end of the year with accurate tools will allow you to know where you stand to make those wise decisions before it’s too late! Check out our article “What Does Information Not Provided To Your Accountant Cost You?, there is still time!

There are a couple of ways you can take advantage of the benefits of Trader ii Software:

  1. Securities Services can organize your portfolios for you;
  2. You can use Trader ii Software yourself! With a little training you will be on your way.

Make the 2014 tax season the year you …

  • Give yourself a break and let us get you the results you’re looking for;
  • Cut down on your costs by using Trader ii yourself;
  • Know exact costs on your investments;
  • Don’t take that shoebox full of statements to your accountant;
  • Don’t rely only on brokerage summaries.

Antiquated or Cutting Edge?

The difference between using traditional methods of securities accounting such as spreadsheets and brokerage summaries versus Trader ii software is like using a tin can and piece of string as a telephone as opposed to a digital phone!

As human beings we seem to be conditioned to want whichever product provides us with the most information in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort for the least amount of money.

Well, here it is! Find out more by clicking on the ‘Services‘ or ‘Software‘ tab at the top of the page, or just do it the old fashioned way and give us a call!


This information is provided as an information service only and is not intended to substitute for competent professional advice. No action should be initiated without consulting a professional advisor.